JB Caravans pride themselves in providing the highest quality workmanship, they have a very skilled workforce with many years of caravan manufacturing experience between them. Incorporating a flow through process each caravan is assembled piece by piece to maintain their process of rigid quality control. With their Director leading all forward planning and R & D, premium caravan craftsmanship is demonstrated in every caravan that leaves the production floor. At the end of every stage of the production line quality control procedures are in place to ensure the customer has peace of mind. At the chassis stage for example trained workers will assess the product using strict guidelines before continuing with the build, this maintains a consistency in their product range as well as ensuring every component of the caravan is faultlessly installed.

The company feels that a strong affiliation with the community is imperative and because of this they have a well-rounded social program donating to organisations such as The Blue Light foundation and Women in Policing. JB Caravans displays a passion for the industry that is not seen amongst many manufacturers they work tirelessly to produce a product that exudes durability, reliability and affordability.

With all factors of design and manufacturer as well as componentry produced internally, customers can be emphatically assured that the JB team has their safety and best interests in mind.


If you’re looking for the perfect caravan to take your family, friends, or even just yourself on some terrific Australian adventures, look no further than the JB Caravans Dreamline. JB Caravans offers something for everyone with a range of prices, preferences, and layouts. At Albury Wodonga RV World, we can help tailor a solution to your specific needs, so don’t hesitate to make your travel dreams a reality.


Discover the JB Caravans difference: A luxury lifestyle that you can afford; exploring this beautiful country in the comfort of your caravan!

Originating from a humble workshop, JB Caravans has since quickly expanded and taken the market by storm with its brilliant range of off and on road caravans for sale. Delivering a luxury experience without the exuberant price tag, we’re proudly Australian-owned and operated, giving us stringent end-to- end quality control measures.

Hit the road and explore Australia in comfort and style; we’ve got a caravan for everyone.


The on road JB Caravans Dreamline Platinum range has a stunning array of quality features and boasts a high standard luxury finish. The Dreamline offers exceptional value, with an array of touring and family options – the Platinum range is exceptional value for a top end tourer. Don’t delay, get out onto the open road with your brand new Dreamline Platinum today!


Have you grown tired of the bitumen and looking for some semi-off road adventure?  Then the entry level semi – off road Dirt Roader is perfect for you , tackle light corrugation easily and in style.  Discover the wondrous National Parks and scenic locations that Australia has to offer. The Dirt Roader truly caters for today’s modern and adventurous travelers planning a trip of a lifetime. With its high quality finish, durable exterior and superb craftsmanship, the Dirt Roader by JB offers the best of both comfort and ruggedness.


Dirt Road Extreme by JB Caravans offers you a semi – off road experience like no other. Is it time for a step up from a few back road light corrugations? Then picture yourself travelling off the beaten track,  deep within the outback of Australia  in the top of the range semi – off road model; The Dirt Roader Extreme.  This model was designed to take you to the places you have always dreamed of going, in safety and style.



Have you been travelling on corrugations and decided that you want some more adventure in your life, but in a compact single axle?  Well then the Gator will be your perfect companion as you begin your next stage in the caravanning lifestyle. A new predator has definitely entered the water in the form of the Gator by JB Caravans. . As its name implies it has a tough skin, that is complimented by a soft luxurious interior to unwind in. Featuring a single axle, modern finishing, high grade appliances, mini washer and exclusive colour ranges the Gator sure packs a bite. The JB Gator is a natural born thriller.


Have you decided to take the next step in your caravanning journey? If you have tackled the corrugations and windy back roads and decided to upgrade to a compact full off caravan, then look no further then the range topping Gator X from JB Caravans.   The Gator X is one tough predator fitted with under body armour, nudge bars, recovery points, solar and more. This  is complimented by a soft luxurious high end interior to unwind in. Featuring a single axle, modern finishing, high grade appliances, mini washer and exclusive colour ranges the Gator X is truly something special.


Our entry tandem axle off road model Scorpion is the natural progression from our semi – off road range.  If you have mastered Australia’s back roads and are looking for a new challenge then the Scorpion is the caravan for you, it is the ultimate predator that is right at home in its natural habitat in Australia’s outback.  Use the dirt tracks leading to isolated places with ease in your very own JB Scorpion caravan. With its rugged construction, ALKO suspension and 16″ off road tyres, the JB Scorpion will bring out the explorer in you!


If you have decided to go off the grid on full off road tracks and  hard to reach secluded places then the Scorpion Sting was designed for you!  The Scorpion Sting is the ultimate off road predator allowing you to fulfill your dream of seeing all of Australia, the great north and anywhere else you decide is your track. With its rugged construction, ATX Cruisemaster suspension and 16″ full off road tyres, you can be sure you will arrive safely and in luxury with the king of the outback. JB Scorpion Sting a true off road warrior.


If you have decided to go off the grid on full off road tracks and  hard to reach secluded places then the Scorpion Sting Air was designed for you!  The ultimate in off-road caravanning, the Scorpion Sting Air takes you to a new level of travelling experience. Equipped for extended travel and the freedom of staying in all those special off-the-road holiday locations other caravanners can only dream about. JB Caravans pride ourselves on our high quality interior finishes, we use only the best in materials to give our caravans a luxurious finish and unsurpassed quality.  We employ a highly skilled workforce as well as using CNC technology and edge banders to ensure a quality product.